Excel Formula and Functions: SUBSTITUTE

ABOUT: SUBSTITUTE function substitutes(replaces) old_text with new_text. When you want to replace a certain text in a text string. SUBSTITUTE is different from REPLACE Function which replace any text (not specified string) which occurs at specific location. SUBSTITUTE finds the old_text and replace with new_text while REPLACE finds the position and number of characters to be replaced.

=SUBSTITUTE(OriginalText, TextToRemove, TextToInsert, instance_num)

OriginalText  → The Text or the reference to a cell containing text for which you want to substitute characters or text string.

TextToRemove → The text to be replaced with TextToInsert.

TextToInsert → The New Text - The Text you want instead of TextToRemove.

instance_num→ (It is Optional) - It specifies which occurence of TextToRemove you want to substitute with TextToInsert. If you specify instance_num, then only that instance of TextToRemove will be replaced. If it is omitted all instances of TextToRemove will be substituted with TextToInsert.

1. This formula is case-sensitive. So be aware of the usage of UPPER, LOWER and PROPER Function also as your case may be.
2. Omitting instance_num will substitutes all the instances of the given Text or Cell Reference.


Basic Use of Substitute Function

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=IF(LEN(TRIM())=0,0,LEN()- LEN(SUBSTITUTE(,,""))+1)

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