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Hi Friend, Welcome to ExcelItems -  You've been come to right place, if you're an excel user and looking for some related material. From books to trainers, macros to free downloads, solutions on discussion forums, we're fully equipped with Excel items here. Ok, have you heard about OpenXL yet? Yessss ! and then you should know it's our product helping thousands of excel users from newbie to amateur to professionals one. If you're still unaware of it, then use it today.

Our discussion board is largest Google group with the name, MS Excel and VBA Macros, Here is the link:

This group is 3 years old and 100% resistant to spam, serving above 8000 worldwide excel professionals & learners. This community is owned and managed by Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals(MVP) Mr. AYUSH JAIN.

It's Power of Open Source in Microsoft Excel. Yes, It's a free add-in with source code provided to you on this website from our developer, Ashish Jain. It solves many Excel 2007 problems and automates frequently used tasks for you.

For e.g. it provides Excel 2003 style menu in Excel 2007, super hide a worksheet, run charts slide show, calculate number of business days between two dates, remove all macros, can append 0 to any number of cells and much more. To explore - visit OpenXL here.

Have you ever visited a website with full collection of VBA macros, so that you need not to go on another website? We hope you find us of this type. We are in continuous endeavor to provide you with latest research of us on Macros, so that you don't waste your precious time in developing what already has been developed. Click here to visit our VBA Macros collection.

Today, there are so many institutions, schools, colleges and teachers but where are the good ones? The Best one is you yourself, yes we can learn and study better than ever and without anyone. But yes, we need a best guide for the best results. Our tutorials are designed in step-by-step manner to help every kind of excel user from newbie to professional and from America to East-Asia. Moreover, they are online and Free.

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If you talk about our experience then we must say books are far better than any online material. If you're really serious about learning VBA, VSTO or Excel/Access 2007 then we've searched and collected some books for our readers. They'll help you a lot.

and yes the first link on this Books page is MS Office 2007 Home and Student edition in its cheapest price only through our website. Always use Genuine products, since purchasing a product provides you with support and keeps you away from hassles. Click here to access books.

We keep on researching and developing the best excel products and add-ins for you. Moreover they're free. Please explore our downloads section and you'll find Stock Trackers for almost major world exchanges, Open XL, EMI Calculator, Budget Planner, CPI calculator and much more . . .

We do not warrant that downloads and examples will meet your requirements or that their operations will be error free but if you report us, we may help you out in removing errors, if any or will improve it to meet your requirements. Please report enhancements/bugs to our Forums. Click here to explore our downloads section.

If you're looking to learn excel in step-by-step manner, we're here to help you. Our professional tutors are Microsoft Certified developers and users and are in the field of training for 3 years (on average).

We deal in every level of training for your every need. i.e. from Beginner to advanced level of training for Excel, VBA and VSTO.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where to post this.

Your webpage/blog opened up when I installed an add-in. I installed the add-in that created the 2003 buttons on the ribbon in Excel 2010.

I love it! Thanks for this great tool.