Move between Worksheets and Open Workbooks

Move between Worksheets

An excel workbook can contain a large number of worksheets. In such cases, switching between the sheets is difficult using a mouse. In addition, if the sheets name are long, this could further increase the problem of selection. apart from annoying method of selecting tabs from mouse, you can use any of the following available methods:

Using Keyboard
Use Ctrl+Page Down key combination to select next sheet in active workbook
and similarly, use Ctrl+Page Up key combination to select previous sheet in active workbook.

Using shortcut menu
1. Look at the bottom-left of worksheet (to the left of sheet tabs), there are small arrow buttons.

2. Place the mouse pointer over one of the arrows and right click.
3. A shortcut menu, displaying all the sheets will appear, select your sheet from there.

Move between Open Workbooks
Using Mouse
1. Click view.

2. Click Switch Windows and choose a workbook from list of open workbooks.

Using Keyboard
1. Use Ctrl+F6 or Ctrl+Tab key combination to move forward through list of open workbooks.
2. Similarly, use Ctrl+Shift+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+Tab key combination to move backward through list of open workbooks.