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How to use MS Excel Macro Recorder ?

What is a macro?
A macro is a set of computer instructions that you can record and associate with a shortcut key combination or a macro name. Then, when you press the shortcut key combination or click the macro name, your computer program carries out the instructions of the macro. This saves you time by replacing an often-used, sometimes lengthy series of actions with a shorter action.

How to record a macro?
Let's record a macro to understand it and learn to save a lot of time for other activities.

Step 01: Go to Developer Tab and hit 'Record Macro' in the code section.

Step 02: In the record macro window, provide these details:

Macro Name: Provide a macro name without spaces. Use underscore(_) or hyphen (-) instead to make it more meaningful and readable.
Shortcut Key (Optional): Provide a shortcut key to recall/run the macro, whenever you need. Esp. if you are going to use this macro frequently.
Store macro in: Either This Workbook or Personal Workbook. If you store in 'This Workbook', the macro is available for use with in this workbook only, so you can use it if you need that other users to whom you are sending this workbook can also use it but if you want to use this macro only on your system on several workbooks for personal purposes then choose 'Personal Workbook' option.
Description (Optional): It will help you and your fellow users to understand the purpose of macros in future.

Step 03: Perform your actions which you want macro to do in future. For eg. Select, color, delete, adjust row/column height or width, enter some text, sort a table etc etc.

Step 04: Stop the macro by hitting 'Stop Recording' button.

How to use the recorded macro?
Let's learn to use the recorded macros and save our time for some fun at work.

Step 01: Go to Developer Tab and hit 'Macros' or alternatively, press 'ALT + F8' combination to view the macros.

Step 02: Select your macro and hit the 'Run' button.

That's it. Isn't it simple ? From beginners to advanced Excel and VBA users still use the macro recorder but each user have different purpose to use this awesome feature of Microsoft Excel.

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