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How to Embed Flash in Excel (Office Applications)

Query Source : Excel Macros Google Group
Solution Type : Flash and MS Excel
Query by        : Mahesh Parab
Solution by     : Ashish Jain (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist;Lead Trainer, Success Electrons)

Query / Problem:
Dear All, Any one know the way how to embed a flash project into Excel ?


1. Select the sheet in which you want to embed the flash project.

2. Go to View -> Toolbars -> Control Toolbox and click on the icon (More Controls in the last) which looks like a little hammer.

3. Select "Shockwave Flash Object" from the alphabetical list.

4. Now your cursor has been reformed into the plus shape, this allows you to create a rectangle shape on the sheet to make space for your Flash Object.

5. Right click on the cross-shaped rectangle box object and click on properties.

6. In the properties box, double click the first option. i.e.Custom

7. Now do the following options as suggested in the "Property Pages" dialog box.
    i.   Provide the Movie URL
    ii.  Check the "Embed Movie" checkbox.
    iii. Check the "Play" checkbox.

8. Click Apply and then Ok.

9. Close the properties box and Control Toolbox.

suchi said...

This is really amazing. I would really like to try the same codings on excel application. :-)
Thx ashish for telling all of us the unique concept in Excel. or i can say the combo of Flash n Excel :D

Keep up the good work !!